The summer workshops offer a diverse range of courses designed to enrich participants' lives spiritually, emotionally, and practically. Attendees can learn to manage their finances according to biblical principles, gaining tools to budget, eliminate debt, and build wealth for a secure future. For those looking to strengthen their faith, workshops on defending the Christian doctrine and sharing the gospel provide invaluable insights and practical skills to confidently discuss and spread their beliefs.

In addition to spiritual and practical growth, the workshops also focus on personal relationships and self-improvement. Marriage on The Rock guides couples in understanding the scriptural foundation of marriage, offering strategies to see their relationship through God's eyes and practice spiritual disciplines that reinforce their bond. For women in waiting, the Ladies in Waiting workshop provides support and wisdom on using the waiting season as an opportunity for personal growth and preparation for future relationships.

Finally, Soul Care 101 addresses the deep-seated issues that hinder one's ability to fully love and serve God and others. This workshop encourages participants to confront and manage past pain in a biblically sound manner, fostering a heart and mind renewed by God's truth. Overall, the summer workshops are designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance, helping individuals and couples grow in their faith, relationships, and personal well-being.

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